Ethers Acetate

Ethylene Glycol Ethers Series

  • Model: Ethylene Glycol Ethers Series
  • Brand: galaxy

Brief introduction

Ethylene glycol methyl ether(EM) is also named ethyl cellosolve, Ethylene glycol ethyl ether(EE, ECS) is also named ethyl cellosolve, 2-ethoxy ethanol. Ethylene glycol butyl ether(EB, BCS) is also named butyl cellosolve, 2- butoxy ethanol, are alcohol ether solvent with excellent properties.

Mainly used in solvent for cellulose acetate, synthetic resin, paint; Used for preparing paint thinners, paint remove in the industry of paint; used as extraction solvent in the industries of medicine, used as plasticizer in the plastic industries; used as fiber as fiber lubricant, dispersant int the industry of textile; Also used as pesticide dispersant, intermediate for organic synthesis, secondary solvent, analytical reagent.




Not being touched with bodies for a long time, used in airiness place.

Package & Transportation

Packed in tank or iron drum, transported according to the requirement of flammable liquid.