Ethers Acetate

Propylene Glycol Ethers Series

  • Model: Propylene Glycol Ethers Series
  • Brand: galaxy

Brief introduction

It has two groups of linkage & hydroxyl which have strong solubility in tes chemical structure; ether linkage is lipophilic, can dissolve the hydrophobic naturally compound; and hydroxy is hydrophilicity, can dissolve water soluble compound, an universal solvent.

Propylene glycol ethers can be used as solvents for alkyd resin, acrylic resin and polyester paint etc. In painting industry, surface films of those paints prepared for the aid of it being characterized by clean,even and fast. It can substitute for alcohol solvents during the resolution of dyes as a good kind of coupler, besides in the production of printing ink, changing some formulas by using in can reduce toxicity, so as to improve operation environment and printing quality.




Not being touched with bodies for a long time, used in airiness place.

Package & Transportation

Packed by Iso Tank or coating drums, these products are DG cargo, should be stocked as DG cargo.