High Boiling Aromatic Solvents

  • Model: S-100/S-150/S-180/S-200
  • Brand: galaxy

Brief introduction

High boiling aromatic solvents is made of aromatics reformed according to the international standard on producing arene slovents featured by strong force, low toxicity, little odor, high boiling point, slow volatilizing, no water or olefin, no chlorine or heavy metal, with stable chemical physical capability, good liquedity and excellent solubility, especially in the posterior step of evaporation, as a result of enabling the evenness of painting films better, luster more bright, and no orange-peel phenomenon; Also can be used as cleaning agents for precision machinery or adjuvants for preparing pesticide emulsifying agents.




S-100:Being used as paints and resin solvents, adjuvents for high-quality printing ink and extractants for hydroge peroxide producing, pesticid, EC solvent, etc;

S-150:Being used as paints and resin solvents, ingredients advanced printing oil, Oil Additives, it can be used as a partial substitute for xylene;

S-180:Being used as baking paint solvents, pesticide, EC solvent, etc;

S-200:Being used as baking paint solvents, pesticide, EC solvent, etc, waterproof polyurethane grouting material solvent, plaslicizers.


Not being touched with bodies for a long time, used in airiness place.

Package & Transportation

Packed in tank or iron drum, transported according to the requirement of flammable liquid.